all persons have the right to be free from hunger

The Plan

- 2019-2022 Plan to End Hunger -


2019-2022 Plan to End Hunger (PDF)

The Oregon Hunger Task Force was created by the State Legislature in 1989 to act as a resource within government and as a statewide advocate for Oregonians who are at risk of hunger. When the Task Force was created, the Oregon Legislature declared that “All persons have the right to be free from hunger.”

This cross-sector group has worked over the past 30 years to hold the state accountable to this bold statement, setting a clear roadmap for the changes and investments that need to be made to make progress. The Task Force works collaboratively among its 28 members and with stakeholders throughout Oregon to compile research on the status of hunger and develop proposals for government action. Through the linked non-profit, Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon, a staff of eleven works statewide to promote community awareness, connect people to nutrition programs, and advocate for systemic changes to prevent hunger.

The Oregon Hunger Task Force has developed the following plan with recommendations to Oregon’s leaders that - if enacted - will bring us closer to our vision of an Oregon that is hunger-free and thriving.

In this plan we have set three goals for the state:

  1. Oregonians have equitable access to the resources and opportunity we need to afford life’s essentials.

  2. Nutritious food is accessible to everyone and nutrition support programs are adequate, effective and equitable when we need them.

  3. People most impacted by hunger are leaders in designing and enacting solutions.

For each goal we offer public policy solutions, long term recommendations, and ways to measure progress.

Read the Plan (PDF)