all persons have the right to be free from hunger


- highlights from the 2010-15 plan to end hunger -

In 2010, with its second statewide plan “Ending Hunger Before it Begins: Oregon’s Call to Action,” the Oregon Hunger Task Force highlighted family economic stability as the best long term solution to hunger. With efforts focused on public policy improvements, important strides were made to improve access to health care, tax credits, child nutrition programs and more.

Despite these efforts, the recession took a severe toll on our state and many people and communities have yet to recover. Oregon was the only state for whom rates of food insecurity rose from 2013-15. Additionally, Oregon’s unemployment rate is higher than the national average, while housing prices continue to rise.

From 2010-15, partners, communities and legislators worked together to improve family economic stability, and prevented hunger from reaching even higher levels. 

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From 2010-15 Oregon Made Significant Strides Forward In The Plan To End Hunger